The Creator Of Exquisite Bodysuits


AMI MUSE STUDIO – a Copenhagen based treasure you simply can not miss if you’re longing for magnificent bodystockings with that unique vintage look…

Founder and designer Maria Amtoft Mikkelsen has an educational background in both tailoring and design, and has worked across creative fields in both Copenhagen and New York. She introduces us to the universe of AMI MUSE STUDIO which is without a doubt a pure velour dream that has captured a lot of attention.

Please tell us about the AMI MUSE STUDIO universe, how did it all start?

It started as an idea of creating a statement piece, that could stand by itself. I wanted to create a universe around the brand, in a sense of nostalgia and vintage inspiration. It’s just fun to play with, it can be styled in so many ways.

Introduce us to the AMI MUSE woman, who is she? 

She’s creative and doesn’t take herself too seriously. She’s confident in her style and loves to express herself in how she dresses and acts. She loves to be unique and always on a treasure hunt for new standout pieces that reflect on her personality.

How do you work and incorporate sustainability in your work as a designer?

Every piece is made to order and I keep the production local. There’s quality craftsmanship involved and I only produce after demand.

Visions and ideas for the future? What’s next for AMI MUSE STUDIO?

I’m enjoyig the period right now, getting the suits out for the world to see. But I’m the process of working with some new ideas, to expand the brand.

Costumers are welcome to visit the website and order a bodysuit from one of the collections, the production and delivering period takes about 2 weeks. All pieces are truly characteristic in their own way, reflecting a sense of storytelling with their vintage details, such as the velour of course, but also due to the detailed beading and stunning color palettes.

Images captured by Denisse Ariana Pérez