An Autumn walk and quick questions with Schulz By Crowd


Founder Marie Schulz Kjaer and her team shares which pieces we are not to miss this season, their vision about sustainable fashion and we get to know what’s next on the agenda for this Danish treasure.


Let’s say hi to Schulz By Crowd, founded in April 2015 by creative director Marie Schulz Kjaer:

  • Describe Schulz by Crowd with 3 keywords. Conscious, classic, quality.
  • What’s your best sustainable advice when it comes to a conscious wardrobe? Purchase quality, both materials and especially focusing on workmanship and treat your clothes with respect. Wash only when necessary and when you do, wash it the right way.
  • Which item is your fave and a must-have piece from the AW collection?  Our organic cotton shirt with the big pockets is a classic yet twisted shirt which will stay for seasons to come. And also our Docca silk dress which is an item that can easily be dressed up or down and which we found worked perfectly as maternity dress during Marie’s 2nd and 3rd trimester.
  • Please explain why you have decided to work with polyester when it comes to a few of your designs? Is recycled polyester something you will work within the future? Working with polyester was not out initial plan, but sometimes you need to compromise even with your ideals and we have chosen to work with polyester where we found it acceptable and it had a purpose. In our 2020 plan we have chosen to work only with natural or sustainable fabrics.
  • Are there any specific issues you encounter when wanting to approach a more conscious fashion industry, making it harder to be a sustainable fashion brand?  The biggest issue is always minimum when you buy sustainable fabrics you need to buy bigger amounts, which means you need to produce more styles. Being a small company, we are not able to place as big orders as requested by most suppliers and especially not in sustainable fabrics. So we always struggle with all the sustainable possibilities versus having money locked in fabrics lying at stock with the risk of not being used. And we prefer not making fabric that ends up in the stock not being used, because not even sustainable fabrics are sustainable if it gets wasted.
  • What’s next on the agenda for Schulz By Crowd? As mentioned we are working towards a 2020 plan where we will only work with natural or sustainable materials. We will work on spreading our vision and telling people about the benefits of being conscious consumers. (And obviously next on Marie’s agenda is a baby boy)

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