It’s not about showing more skin, always being flawless but to engage through positivity


Sustainable fashion will forever be on the agenda and all conscious fashion advocates are working towards sustainable fashion becoming a norm in the industry. However, its time to learn a few things from conventional fashion and conventional influencers. The beauty of feeling beautiful and the key to wonderful aesthetics will always be the most important topic when we talk about fashion. We should not deny this fact but embrace it.

Ethical fashion advocates are extremely important and we need as many voices possible to spread the word about conscious fashion. The mission in connection with and its universe is not to act as a know-it-all platform, point fingers, spread negativity or to show readers poor and boring styling choices in connection with sustainable fashion…We need nerds and know-it-alls but most of all we need strong and inspiring voices, showing and leading the way. Showcasing the issues we are facing, be objective and critical but also showing the possibilities and provide fashion lovers with gorgeous solutions. To lead the next generation of fashion enthusiast towards conscious fashion through beauty and inspiration. It’s time to make sustainable fashion sexy, since it is sexy and the only way forward. Stay tuned!

Wearing jeans from Jeanerica, silk blouse from Filippa K, sandals and purse from ATP Atelier.

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