Ending CFW with high slits, big ruffles and a dance show!

The Elaine Hersby show Aw18 was definitely an energy booster after busy show days! You can easily tell the DNA of the brand – the importance of movement and freedom is key. The models walking down the runway, as well as the dancers dancing down the runway, were dressed in bold colors, loose fittings, high slits, satin pieces, ruffles, asymmetric dresses, long sweatshirts turned into dresses. Elements in the collection that stood out a little extra were for sure the draping, satin dresses and the pleating details. The runway was more or less a large space in the middle of the room, located in the beautiful venue Palmehaven in Hotell d’Angleterre. Not only the importance of movement and dancing was relevant but also diversity, the models and dancers chosen by Elaine showed a range of girls, with different heights, sizes and looks. A refreshing element to CFW AW18!

Images by CFW Press

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