Home is where your heart is, hence why you should invest in your home and in yourself.


Sharing elements to create a more personal, cozy, functional as well as conscious home and interior:


  • Vintage and second hand. Making your home personal by adding special items and unique creations with a story are always a great idea. Besides, its a wonderful way of adding interior pieces, spending a little less money (depending on the items you are searching for) you will purchase an item already made which benefits the environment due to less use of resources.
  • Upcycle and recycle. This is also beneficial for the environment. Reuse and restore what you already have. If you’re not happy with your furniture or pieces, you can also sell them or swap them with someone else.
  • Use long-lasting and quality products. This better for your wallet and our planet too.
  • When it comes to textiles- always go for natural materials such as wool, preferably recycled materials as well when it comes to cotton and also polyester (even though that’s a material to avoid). Natural materials are also easy to maintain fresh and air, which means less washing. By avoiding synthetic materials you’ll also decrease the number of microfibers ending up in our beautiful oceans which finally will show in our food chain.

Above you will find a delightful mix of interior creations:


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