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It’s difficult to beat that content feeling after a workout. Being busy or on the run should never be an excuse not to workout. It’s important to prioritize yourself and a short workout break is key to a more balanced and conscious lifestyle. We’ve teamed up with personal trainer Patrik Dam in Copenhagen and below you’ll find some easy workout tips when you’re a busy bee!


  • Burpees – a great exercise when you don’t have any equipment available, the only thing you need is your own body. This exercise is making sure you are working with your entire body. A faster speed will increase the outcome of the exercise, but start slowly and make sure to do it in your own past. This is a calorie burner and will get your heart pumping!
  • Thrusters – one exercise with two movements involved, a squat and a shoulder press. This is also an exercise with a fast paste and movement throughout. Add some light weights to use when doing your shoulder press exercise or grab something around you with a similar weight (in your hotel room or out and about wherever you choose to workout) it should be something that’s easy for you to hold on to whilst doing this exercise.
  • Pull-ups – Find a branch (high and strong enough) or an outdoor gym where you are able to hang, holding your own bodyweight. Hold on and lift yourself up or swing yourself forward (a typical cross fit exercise) When already hanging, you can also add a movement of pulling your legs up, towards your chest, creating another kind of sit-up.
  • Hand release push-up – a form of push-up where you lift your hands from the ground when your body reaches the ground and then you push yourself up again and repeat as a push-up. You can start by doing this exercise on your knees if it’s too hard in the beginning.
  • Step-up – find a chair, bench, rock or anything that’s more or less in that same height. When you do your step-up, your knees should be in a 90-degree angle. This exercise is a wonderful way of increasing a more even strength in both of your legs, working your thighs and butt as well as your balance. To add an explosive dimension to this exercise, you can also jump up with both of your legs at the same time, making sure to land in that same 90 angel. You should therefore choose a little higher platform than a bench or chair, so it’s not too easy.

These exercises should, of course, be practiced properly and aligned with a balanced lifestyle including proper eating and sleeping routines.

Follow Patrik Dam on Instagram for inspiration and don’t hesitate to take direct contact with him if you are looking for a PT or guidance when it comes to your training and lifestyle.

Björn Borg – off white tracksuit with black stripes, black/white/grey leggings, black and white top, colored sports bra and shorts.

ASOS- neon sneakers, green rain jacket, pink bikini bottom, pink cropped hoodie.

Bianco- black and white sneakers.

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