Healthy beauty will never go out of style, but how do we define a sustainable beauty routine?


A few tips and tricks to sharpen your beauty routine, invest in yourself whilst saving time, money and benefit the health of our environment.


  • First of all, clean your toilet cabinet: invest in only one cleansing milk for your morning and evening routines, a facial toner, a facial peeling, day creme and a facial oil as a boost or for colder seasons.
  • Conscious beauty / skin care brands to watch include Dr. Hauschka, Bioderma, Naturligolie and Rudolph Care.
  • Stay away from parabens, PEG, SLS and animals testing – I always go for vegan products and with as clean ingredients as possible, preferably organic and with certifications such as The Nordic Swan Ecolabel, ECOCERT COSMOS and AllergyCertified if you are allergic and sensitive (and want to stay away from harmful ingredients).
  • Don’t scrub too often, once a week is enough with a gentle exfoliation and use a damp facial towel to clean your face at night, this also works a gentle peeling.
  • Makeup brands with as pure ingredients as possible are Miild Makeup and RMS Beauty.
  • Moztorusing is key, staying hydrated by drinking filtered water too and never ever use hot water to clean your face, this will only make it dry.
  • Use sunscreen as a part of your skin care routine, adding some to your day creme each morning. Recommending Rudolph Care.
  • Eat organic foods and less sugar.
  • Proper sleeping routines.
  • Great supplements for your skin are natural fish oil, multi vitamins and probiotics.
  • Treat yourself with a facial and body massage each day after your bath or shower, using Gua Sha stones from Honest Beauty Talks.
  • Smile and enjoy life! A smile is the best beauty secret ever.


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