It’s not only about traveling in style, but packing consciously – staying both functional and chic during your summer vacay


Sharing a few what to bring with you tips for the current beach and resort vacation season:


  • Comfy comfy. Focus on flattering yet comfortable pieces, light and flowy dresses, tunics, t-shirts and tops (one could never bring too many) – stay away from tighter fits during your vacation and especially synthetic materials.
  • Outfits/day. Pack a whole outfit for each day, plus one beachwear outfit and evening outfit. This should include lingerie, swimwear and combined with accessories such as a beach bag, evening bag, beach sandals and evening shoes.
  • Less is more. You’ll never wear that many heels nor have the need to switch your purse every day. Simply pack a comfy sneaker/running shoes, flat sandals, beach flip-flop and a nice sandal or low heel for the evenings.
  • Leave expensive jewelry at home. Pick a few pieces you’ll wear in the evenings and when going out and that’s it. Bring an extra pair of sunnies or a hat instead.
  • So fresh and clean. Bring a bottle of gentle soap for your entire body, you are also able to use this soap cleaning your swimwear after the beach, leaving them in a sink of water for 30 min, rinse and hang them up. The same goes for delicate lingerie.
  • Swim good. Bring lots of bikinis and at least two swimsuits. Swimsuits are perfect for activities on the sea or in the sea for that matter, going for a boat adventure, snorkeling and such.
  • Dress up. Don’t forget to bring a couple of cute dresses too- after hours on the beach being salty and sweaty, it’s an amazing feeling to change into something more feminine in the evening, a hint of perfume, a little mascara and lipgloss and you are done!
  • Prior the vacay season. Try to organize your wardrobe into summer and winter pieces, this way you’ll easily find what you are looking for when its time to pack.
  • Sunny side up. Avoid harmful ingredients in your sunscreen, this is much more beneficial for the environment and our health. The one and only option is for sure Rudolph Care – easy absorbing products, with wonderful protection, a lovely scent and without any crap.
  • Travel size. Fous mostly for the larger and heavier bottles such as hair care-, body- and facial products. Hair care products in travel sizes are brilliant, mostly since you can bring them with you on the go – like a refreshing dry shampoo (preferably from Organic Hair Spa)
  • Have fun! Your vacation is the perfect time to explore another side of yourself. Dress up, try something new and have fun with your style. The perfect opportunity to get out of your comfort zone.




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