Equality, freedom of love and moving forward


In the dry Danish Summer country, we are celebrating Copenhagen Pride!



To join the actual Pride Parade today in Copenhagen be ready at 13.00 at Frederiksberg Rådhusplads and final arrival at Pride Square (Københavns Rådhusplads) at 15.00.

Let’s celebrate together for freedom, equality and love. This day is also a reminder to acknowledge our privilege in Scandinavia as well as being aware of the struggles that the LGBQ community is facing on a daily basis around the globe. We should never ever give up on equal rights, always stand together as a joined force and be proud of who we are as individuals.

For other cool events, poetry, workshops, performances and happenings check out Queerlands 2018 at Warehouse9 starting around 15.00. This is a new universe where Warehouse9 community groups join forces with organizations, artists, individuals, and volunteers to discuss and investigate new landscapes and lifeforms behind the rainbow.

Lots of love

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