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By presenting unique Cradle to Cradle products this fall, Wolford offers the unique opportunity to consciously purchase fashion basics made with sustainable materials and with a closed loop system in mind.


Since the fashion industry is the second largest polluter around the globe (straight after the oil industry), Wolford has decided to take action by rethinking their entire production chain and the life cycle of their clothing. A circular economy and a circular way of creating clothing is the way forward and 4 years ago, Wolford started to take directions in order to make this happen. Creating basics with high quality in mind, combining comfort with durability and a C2C approach and voila fashion luxury products at its finest. The Cradle to Cradle approach takes this issue to lead Wolford into a sustainable and circular economy. All ingredients used in the production are kept in an endless life cycle – never touching the bin.

The entire point is to wear the clothing you purchase, love it and care for it:

  • After the life cycle of actually wearing the piece is over, you simply return it to a Wolford store. By returning these items to any store worldwide, you’ll receive a 10 % discount on the next C2C product.
  • Wolford makes sure to return the products to an industrial composting station.
  • The smart ingredients will close the loop and return to the cycle and will be reborn as nutrients for the planet such as biogas.

The collection is currently based on a pullover and a legging in black, launching now in September. Two iconic and wearable pieces, suitable for any wardrobe. The fibers are a combination of Lenzing Modal, a cellulosic fiber derived from sustainable forestry, together with the specially modified oil based biodegradable polymer Infinito and a special ROICA , a premium smart yarn which on top of the high stretch performance is able to degrade without releasing any harmful substances. All of these components comply with a safe standard for biological cycles. The development of these products and materials required extensive research on colorants and textile chemicals, qualified safe for biological cycles by the Material Health Assessment supported by the accredited assessor EPEA Switzerland, for the Cradle to Cradle Certified certification.

Sustainability has always been a part of the Wolford DNA, already 68 years ago, driving the brand to rethink and to do better for the future. And now its time for a new fashion-forward time period where Wolford will meet the fast-pasted industry with a conscious mindset and inspire their customers to join this movement.

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Images by Mikkel Vigholt

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